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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where did July go???

OK - I looked up at the calendar yesterday and realized it was October 1st. October? How did we get so far along in the year already? I remember getting ready for our beach vacation and little things about summer, but man, it went by really fast. The weather has definitely turned towards fall. We begin the days in the low 40's and manage to get to the low 70's by afternoon. Quite a swing.

October does bring on the annual celebration of socks - Socktoberfest! My goal for the festival is one basic thing - get the sock mojo back. I'm not sure if it's the change in seasons and the crisp cool weather, but I have been staring and flipping through sweater patterns lately. I still want to knit socks, but the forefront has been sweaters. I figure that casting on for a fresh, new sock to celebrate the opening of Socktoberfest will be a good start.

Speaking of sweaters, the hoodie is nearly complete. All pieces are sewn together, minus the hood. I am still undecided if I should put the hood on or not. Right now it is having a final post-seaming block and then I will pin the hood on for a "hood" and "no hood" photo shoot.

Hoodie Soaking
The first fitting session was good - I had blocked it a little wide and short the first time, so this time I went for a bit more vertical length and less horizontal. Judging by the trial run, it should be just right.

Did everyone check out my new famous dog on Flickr?
Tucker DogWorld Cover
I seriously can't believe it. Someone came up to me at the agility trial I was at this weekend and told me that he was on the cover. I really thought they were mistaken and it has to be another dog. On the way home from the trial, I called a friend who looked it up on line and confirmed that it was in fact Tucker! How amazing is that!!!! We are trying to keep it all low key so it doesn't go to his head.
Tucker sleeping
I think he's adjusting to the fame just fine.....

On the puppy front, they went for their first set of vaccinations yesterday. They were all very brave! Today they go for their eye exams. Mainly we are checking for PRA and other genetic eye diseases that may be present. Both parents have their CERF certifications, but you can't be too careful! They are getting so big now and are completely weaned off of mom. More pictures to come (of course!!!)