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Friday, September 28, 2007

So Close

I am very happy to report that the hood and front to the hoodie are blocking as we speak! The day here is rainy and wet, so drying will take a lot longer than expected, but I really hope to be seaming tomorrow night after Tucker and I get home from the agility trial. The hood was cast off last night in a fit of knitting. My goal was to get it done and blocked last night. Mission accomplished!

While I'm waiting for seaming to commence on the hoodie, I'd like to start picking my next sweater project. Unfortunately, my sweater stash is severely lacking. It consists of seven skeins of teal blue Araucania Nature Wool, about 1550 yd of milky white Naturelle 8/8 (a linen/cotton blend) and 1200 yds of Kimmet Croft Softy - a super soft Aran weight angora/wool blend. That doesn't leave me with many options, but I am determined to knit only from the stash. Looks like I'll be doing some pattern browsing this weekend!

Since the Turret Socks are currently on a time out, I'd like to start a fun sock to have on the needles. Maybe using some of my stashed Koigu or Medium Weight STR. Any good patterns you can suggest? (especially for the Koigu. I love love love the colors, but not sure what to do with such a variegated yarn) So, my plan for this weekend is to look through my patterns and see what I can come up with for both a sweater and socks to be started. A clean slate, starting fresh - like a fall breeze.

I know you want more puppy pictures, so I'll happily oblige. We took these yesterday. They will be six weeks old on Sunday!

Puppies - Head Shots - 6 weeks
Puppies - 6 weeks