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Friday, October 26, 2007

A Single Sock

Socks come in pairs. It's a known fact. You knit one, you really do need to knit another in order to wear them. That is where the hard part comes in. That dreaded second sock syndrome (or SSS as us sock knitters love to call it). The first sock is new, exciting and full of adventure. By the time you finish that first sock and are ready to start the second, the pattern is probably memorized (or close to it) and you know what to expect. The notes are all written and the adventure seems to be lost.

A few brave knitters this summer begat the Single Sock Liberation Movement. Be proud - only knit one sock! A great idea. Some took the idea and ran with it, creating seas of single socks to be paired later. I was secretly envious. Never could I abandon a pair halfway through. I would never go back. I am one of those cursed knitters who must finish what I start in a relatively compact time frame lest the project meet it's demise with my ball winder. My mindset doesn't really let me "pause" in the middle of a project. I just can't do it.

When a single sock swap was proposed, I thought about it. Only having to make a single sock - what a wonderful idea! Jumping on board, I already knew which yarn I was going to use. One of my favorites that I got at Sheep and Wool this year. Once I found a pattern and figured out one little hiccup, I was on my way. It came out beautiful.

Victorian Lace Sock
(forgive the crappy flash - the season of no light is here!)
I really like the toe on this sock. Short rows then a three needle bind off on the top! Very different!
I hope my swapee likes it as much as I do. The pattern was really nice to knit - enough to keep my interest without being laborious. Now, I just have to pack up this lone sock, the rest of the yarn and a few goodies and ship it off to it's lucky recipient. Christy, Pam and Megan have all done their half pairs as well. There are some amazing socks waiting for mates out there!

I have loved looking at everyone's Rhinebeck posts. Unfortunately for me, the big Cape Cod agility trial falls the same weekend every year. We already made our hotel reservations for next year. Looks like I'll be sticking to the Maryland festival for now. Not such a bad thing.

The Winter 2007 Interweave preview is up. Nice, nice, nice......