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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Knitting? What Knitting?

Knitting time has been very sparse in these here parts. All due to this new little time suck.

Ace with Chew Ring
Cute as he is, he demands almost constant attention when he is awake. I kind of expected this as both parents are very, very high drive and pretty much never sit still. It is what I want in an agility dog, but it has been a little hard to adjust. He is a good boy though and very smart. He already knows "sit", "down" and "kennel" and we are working on the tippy board and target training for agility. Both Tucker and Otis are tolerating him pretty well. Neither plays with him though, so that leaves it to us humans to entertain him. It's hard to believe he's only been home with us for a week!
Ace in crate
This past weekend, we were down on the Cape for an agility trial. Tucker did super well and the puppies (we took the five remaining ones with us) had a great time. We managed some time away and went to the beach.
Tucker Swimming
The gang on the beach
Ace and Shiner on the beach
The puppies did great. Hint, Dekker and Gracie are in their new homes, and RJ flies to Missouri this week and Fog leaves for his new home on Thursday. Then only Shiner and Rumor remain. Terri will be keeping both of them for a bit and growing them out to see what they may develop into.

So, the knitting has been really minimal this past week. I am on the toe for the Victorian Lace sock and it should easily be done to be mailed out to it's recipient before the 1st of November. I leave next Tuesday for Arizona - 5 days in the sun watching agility - the USDAA World Championships. I know quite a few people who qualified, so it should be a fun time.