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Friday, October 05, 2007

In the Hood (or not)

Even after a day of having a fan and fresh air, the hoodie was still damp last night. Not only that, but I had to use the self timer. Oh well. I tried it on anyway both without the hood, and with the hood pinned on. The sleeves are long (I made them that way) and the cuff folded over. Plus the whole thing is still a touch damp, so it's hanging a little more than usual) What do you think? (sorry for the goofy face - I hate using the self timer!)

With Hood
Hoodie Front with Hood
No Hood
Hoodie Front no hood
Hoodie Back
Hoodie Side
Using a self timer in my house always invites trouble. Me just standing there for 10 seconds waiting for the thing to go off makes Tucker crazy.
Tucker in the way
I'm kind of leaning towards putting the hood on....just gives it something extra. What I do love about the hood is it is actually big enough to be usable!
Hood up

My new sock got some knitting time yesterday also. I really like this yarn (Spirit Trail Fiberworks)and how it is knitting up. Just a touch of subtle semi-solid variegation. I can't figure out what the pattern will really look like yet. I have seen finished socks, but mine doesn't seem to look like those.
Victorian Lace
Here and here are great shots of the pattern. Yeah. Mine looks nothing like that. I think I may see some frogging in my future....

The puppies are getting big. And cuter.