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Friday, October 12, 2007

Back for Now

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Life has been a little crazy! Between the new vehicle, the puppies and getting ready to leave for an agility trial in New Hampshire this weekend, time has not been as plentiful as I would like.

I picked up the van yesterday. It was a rainy, misty cold day. Not the perfect day to be bringing home a brand new vehicle, but it didn't matter. I love it. After working at the kennel last night, I got home and transferred all my "stuff" (aka lip balms, hair elastics, hand lotion, parking pass for work, gum, mints, extra leashes, poop bags, pen, paper and band aids) into the van. It has lots of nice cubbies and holders for all sorts of stuff. Yesterday, I got some thick heavy duty rubber floor mats along with a good supply of bungee cords to secure in the crates for the dogs. The crates will go in when I get back from New Hampshire. Time was running out last night and I just didn't have time to do it.

This should be quite a road trip - we are bringing not only Tucker and Terri's dog Razz, but ALL the puppies! Gracie is going to her new home right from the trial on Sunday. Next week Fog leaves. It will be really hard to see them all go, but they have some great homes. Today they get temperament tested, and on the ride up to New Hampshire right after, Terri and I plan on making some decisions as to who we will keep (she hasn't decided either!).

On the knitting front, the Victorian Lace Socks (those are one of my favorite finished pairs) now look like the pattern. Turns out I had the wrong chart stapled to the pattern. Go figure. I finished the heel flap and am moving onto the gusset. The yarn is wonderful. The color subtly shifts from red to burgundy to a darker maroon color. It is beautiful! This is my way of easing back into socks for Socktober. The pattern is wonderful to knit - it is keeping my attention, but isn't so laborious that I have to stare at the chart. Plus, I only have to knit one - the person I'm swapping with will knit the other. No Second Sock Syndrome in sight!