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Monday, October 15, 2007

Working Through

Seems like the lack of knitting mojo is taking over (seems like I'm not alone). I love to sit and knit when I have the time, but time seems like the one thing that I don't seem to have. This past week I have managed to make myself sit down and do some knitting despite the million other things on my constantly rotating to do list...

Victorian Lace Sock
After figuring out my kafuffle with the original version, I now have the right chart and it is working up beautifully. My first lace. Not bad! The pattern is a challenge, but fun. I am halfway down the foot and hoping to get some lunchtime knitting in today. It may sound like I'm rushing to get it done, and I am. This sock has to be mailed out by November 1st. But, a better reason is that I am doing some test knitting for Anne. Tight deadlines mean I only have a few weeks to finish a sock for her. With a 3 day agility trial and a new puppy in the house, that could be a challenge!

Yes, you heard right - new puppy in the house! The decision has been made - welcome the newest member of the clan!
Ace HS
How could I resist? For some reason, we had a connection since the moment he was born. For the past few weeks I was going back and forth between him and Hint. It was very hard - both had great attitudes, looks and seemed to really like me. In the end, after the temperament testing, I decided on Ace. He comes home with me tonight! We are still not sure if his puppy coat will shed out and become black or not. If it does, he will end up in the show ring - turns out he is the best moving puppy of the bunch! If not, he will be my next agility guy. Training has already started - we worked for a few minutes each day on learning what a clicker was (I am a huge endorser of clicker training for dogs - it's a positive reinforcement system that works great and fast. It is how both Tucker and Otis were trained for obedience and agility) and wearing a leash and collar for the first time. It will be really exciting to see him learn! This is my first puppy - we adopted both Tucker and Otis when they were already past this stage, so I have a lot to learn as well! Training an agility dog from the start is much different than training a pet type dog. Instead of discouraging any rough or aggressive play like tugging and growling, I am encouraging it. He already tugs like a maniac and is retrieving a toy when I throw it about 80% of the time. For agility you want a pumped up, revved up dog - he has a great start!

One puppy, Gracie, went to her new home yesterday. It was kind of sad seeing her go, but watching how excited her new family is to get her was really great. She is going to an agility home as well, so we will see her around for sure! A few of the puppies are flying to their new homes, so they will be leaving next week. The others are leaving over the next week or so. It will be strange to not have to count 8 little heads all the time!

My other agility star did really well this weekend - Tucker got his Excellent A Standard title! We move up to the highest level for the trial on the Cape this weekend. I am really excited. This is one of my favorite trials of the year. The location is amazing and the hotel we stay at is right on the water. The dogs can swim and play on the beach. I can't wait!