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Monday, September 17, 2007

This is Getting Pathetic

Another weekend with no exciting knitting progress. The Hoodie is ready to decrease for the armholes and start the v-neck shaping, but I need to read up on what I'd like to do for that (enter The Handy Book of Sweater Patterns), so nothing exciting picture wise there. Right now, it looks exactly like the back did at the same stage (minus the shaped armholes).

SS Hoodie Back
Nothing too exciting. I am very excited that it is making steady progress. I'm anxious to have another fall sweater!

I did get a new sock book to fuel the fire for the upcoming third annual Socktoberfest coming up in a few weeks.
Socks - Spin Off
Beth's Cabled Sweat Socks that I saw on her blog here put me over the edge on getting this book. There are quite a few great patterns in it and I got it for under $5 on half.com! Not bad!

So, instead of reading about my lack of knitting, check out some great new finished fall goodies!