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Friday, September 14, 2007


Turret #1 Finished
I made it to the halfway point. The fit for my sister should be good - it is a bit too short for me and makes my toes curl a little. Perfect. I did have to rip out about 1 1/2" before I started the toe. It also needs a good blocking to even it out. There is some bagging in the ankle that goes away when I even out the stitches.
Turret Front
Turret Back
I'm not sure what happened towards the end of the sock. I just lost the love. But, I'm happy to report that it's back and I have cast on and knit the ribbing for sock #2. In finishing the first sock, I found myself at work ready to cast on for #2 with no extra needle in sight for my three needle bind off (my new favorite way of finishing toes). When knitters are desperate, they will use anything on hand.
Knitting with Paper Clip
It worked really well! I made sure it was one of those larger, heavier paper clips. In a pinch, it made a great needle! I'm looking forward to knitting the second one so I can send them down to my sister to keep her feet warm during this cold snap we've been having! Tomorrow it is supposed to be a little rainy and only in the mid 60's. Welcome to fall in New England.

I know you all want to get more puppy goodness. They are growing so fast and now run around and play! Here is some video we took on Monday:

I love those little puppy barks! They are so much different than in this video that was a mere 2 1/2 weeks ago!

In exciting news, the Fall Knitty is out! Go check out Aija's sock pattern - it is awe inspiring!!!