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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Closer

The home stretch. The final sprint. The finish line. The end is in sight! I have been diligently working on the hoodie. A good chunk of the hood was finished yesterday (the last piece to be completed) and I have about 1/3 to go before it's done. Surprisingly, I am really excited for this sweater. It has been on the needles since January, and for me that is pretty unthinkable. I start, I finish. No languishing. I'm really surprised I didn't frog the whole thing. If something sits idle too long (in my house or my knitting!) it goes. I hate clutter. But, for some reason this managed to survive 7 months of sitting untouched. Now I'm glad it did.

Hood Halfway
This will be a perfect fall sweater. Angora, Nylon and Viscose combine for a really soft fabric. Even moreso when blocked. The stitches puff up and even out. The color. I am in love with the color. Light, pale, sky blue. This should be off the needles very soon and seaming will commence. I have never seamed up a hoodie sweater before, but I've already read the directions and am not anticipating too many problems. FO here I come!

For the daily puppy fix, here is some video I took on Friday. They are pretty rambunctious now!