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Friday, September 21, 2007

New Horizions

It's hard to believe the puppies will be five weeks old on Sunday! They are eating real dog food now and not nursing hardly at all (mom likes that!). Their play is getting more rambunctious and rough and they are getting a lot more mobile! Since the weather has been so beautiful, we have been taking them outside for playtime.

Puppies outside!
RJ and Toys
Dekker and Shiner
Shiner on the Move

They love it. They play with the grass, roll around and seem to really enjoy themselves. It's hard to believe in a few short weeks they will be off to their new homes all over the country!

I managed to cast off the front of the Hoodie last night. I decided on a v-neck finish that splits out from the center of the cable pattern. I think it will look pretty good. I may have to do a single crochet edge to finish it up and smooth out the edging, but I'm going to see how it looks all put together. Now on to the hood! I just started my 11th ball of yarn, and still have 9 left. There are some 1/2 balls hanging off sleeves and the back, so I have more than enough. This yarn was a complete steal when I got it at Webs. It was at the tent sale last year and I only paid around $2/ball plus the discount at the end. Not bad!

The second Turret sock progresses slowly but surely. It is my work knitting, so when I get a lunch break I head outside to knit on it. Unfortunately, I have only had a couple of opportunities this week.

I did manage to score a great find and add another book to my collection.
Knitting Fair Isle Mittens & Gloves
After seeing it on Aija's blog, I called the store where she got it and it was sold out - "We sold the last one the other day!". Sigh. She always gets to them before me! Anyway, I did some 'net hunting and found the book at cover price on Amazon.uk. Even with shipping and the exchange rate, it was no comparison to the used prices! Score!

Fall is supposed to be on it's way, though the forecast is for the low 80's this weekend! We got our second to last CSA delivery this week.
CSA 09 17 07
It has been a great experience. Lots of veggies I would never buy on my own, and so many that we could never eat all we got in one week! Next week I guess will be a double order for the final one, so the fridge should be packed to the gills! I'm not looking forward to winter when the produce prices go through the roof and the quality goes way down. I have been managing to stick to my new eating habits though. Even going to a birthday dinner with friends or to the grocery store, it has been very hard to resist all the goodies out there, but I have done it and feel great! The no dairy part has been the hardest. Cheese is my passion. A few ounces a week is all I do right now at the most. Organic Cheddar. Mmmm....