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Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't fall off your chairs!

Actual knitting!!!!!

SS Hood Start
I know. Shocking! Being that most of my agility friends were at a different trial this weekend, I actually manged to get some knitting time in! Not much is done, but it is a start. Knitting on this is actually really enjoyable! I may not be feeling the sock mojo right now, but I am feeling it for sweaters! It is going to be a lot of boring stockinette, but that makes for good TV knitting. With all the new seasons of all the TV shows starting this week, it's perfect!

This is the last piece of the puzzle. The front, back and sleeves are patiently waiting in the wings to be sewn together! The front needs a block which I plan to hopefully do this week. I still have nine balls of yarn left. I think I have plenty! A nice change from my last sweater!

The socks are still pretty much the same. It seems like I can only crank out about 4 or 5 rows before I get bored silly. Strange. Colorwork is boring me, but endless stockinette is thrilling. My mind has lost it. I do look forward to starting a new sock in maybe a cable or lace pattern. Something not orange or blue!

The puppies turned five weeks old on Sunday. They are pretty much weaned off of mom and eating solid food. To their delight, they are spending lots more time outside too!
The gang outside
Hint Ace Rumor
Ace Shiner Marie
They are getting much better at running on not level surfaces and across the grass. They fall a lot less! I'll try to get another movie outside so you can see how fast they are! Those little legs sure can move! Next week is a big week for them - they go for their first vaccinations as well as their eye exam!

The weather was beautiful this weekend, but I can't believe what they are predicting for this week.
Weather This Week
So much for fall. I heard a few places that we may break the record of 89 degrees on Tuesday! We already took the air conditioner out of the bedroom. We may have to re-install it!