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Monday, September 10, 2007

Licorice Whip

First of all, I want to thank Lolly - she came to my rescue! If it wasn't for her special package that arrived on Saturday, a completed sweater would not be possible!

Sweater in Box
The one thing we were both worried about was the color matching. Thrift store finds have often been used and abused in many ways - especially when they are bought 300 miles apart! Our fears were unfounded. They couldn't have matched any better.
Sweaters Match
So, I set to getting some yarn to finish. I didn't need much - just enough to finish the bottom.
Ripping Sleeve
I ended up using about half of a sleeve to finish. With the sweater being an extra large and my original sweater being a medium, I think she will have more than enough to make something really neat with it. As payment for the yarn, I ripped the rest of the sweater for her and will be mailing it back all ready to knit!

The sweater came out just as I had wanted. A comfy, semi-fitted fall sweater. It hasn't been blocked yet, I'm hoping it may even out the stitches a little. If not, that's ok - the rustic look kind of fits with the style of the sweater. It's an acrylic/wool blend, and soft enough for next to skin wear. Perfect for some fall apple picking.
Licorice Whip
Licorice Whip
Licorice Whip

Of course, I have puppy pictures too. They turned three weeks old on Sunday. A couple are now over three pounds!
Nine with Hedgy

Shiner on Back