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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chowing Down

Another little puppy milestone. They had their first "not from mom" meal yesterday! A mush of puppy food soaked in Goat's milk all ground up in the blender. Yum. (at least they thought so!)

Chowing Down
First Meal
They all really enjoyed it. Their little bellies were completely stuffed! Slowly over the next few weeks, we'll wean them off of mom and onto food so they can be happily transitioned by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.

In another milestone of sorts, the Turret sock has reached the toe. Overreached actually.
Turret Sock to Toe
It's about 1/2" too long. I knew I should have tried it on sooner! For me, this would be the perfect spot to start the toe. Unfortunately, my sister's foot is a couple of inches shorter than mine. Rip rip. But, the end is in sight. A little break after this one is complete may be in order. For some reason, I'm just not feeling the love of the sock and colorwork right now. Terror of SSS strikes in me though at the thought of not picking up and starting sock #2 right away. Maybe it's the crisp (cold!) air we've had the past few days, but my thoughts have turned to sweater knitting. There are just so many amazing patterns out there. Full of cables and texture. Co-Op Cables (from the Spring 04 IK - great one shown here), Demi (amazing ones here and here), the Cable Down Raglan from the Spring 07 IK, and this really interesting new find - the Tree Jacket by Zephyrstyle. There is just so many to choose from! I would really love to use stashed yarn. I'm thinking that the frogged Soho Bulky Tweed may be a nice match for the Co-Op cables. Plus, to add more and more to my queue, I got The Celtic Collection and Aran Knitting both by Alice Starmore out of the library (does my library rock or what??). Of course, this doesn't include all the previous pattern books and magazines I have stockpiled! I feel lots of pattern browsing coming on. You never know, there may also be some (gasp!) yarn buying!

Unfortunately, the fall agility season is in full swing and I am at trials every weekend until mid-October. We then fly out to Arizona for the 2007 USDAA National Championships. Tucker is not going, but I am going to support both my instructor and several friends who qualified. Maybe Tucker can go next year! I'm planning on bringing along a few books or magazines to each trial to give me some time to browse and plan some fall knits!