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Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Additions

No, not the kind you are thinking! The four legged addition has another 4 weeks with mom, then he comes home. I am spending as much time with him as possible though. We do our daily cuddling....

Me and Nine
And I stare into his adorable little face and just melt.
How could you not! The puppies are growing so fast. They are 18 days old today and are starting to really walk and toddle around. Last night we witnessed the first puppy play! They wrestled a little and even went to bite our hands when we scratched their bellies. It's hard to believe in a week or so they will be super fuzzy and running around! We plan on starting them on puppy food this weekend to supplement mom's milk. Speaking of mom, Deuce is doing so great. She is a wonderful mother and is itching to get back to doing agility!

As for the new additions, they are of the yarny sort.
Cherry Tree Hill
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Loden, Slate and Natural. I got them during the big Labor Day Sale at Trash and Treasure. They have one every year, and I keep an eye out for it to stock up on Supersock. Last year, I got a four pack of brights which went on to become lots of great socks. I love love Supersock! I was tempted by all the color choices, but ended up going with the semi-neutrals. I plan on hopefully making some colorwork mittens this winter, and wanted some more subtle toned yarns to match up with the bright and rich colors I have in my stash.

All the knitting projects are slowly but surely making progress. The turret socks are halfway through the heel flap. Naomi will be in town this weekend for a job interview, so I'd like to have the heel done so she can try it on. Cabling continues in earnest on the Street Smart Hoodie. I'm on the really boring part of going up the front until I hit the armholes. Ten inches left to go.

For pure inspiration and knitting beauty, go check out Whitney's Demi. It is stunning. I want one!

We are planning on going to the Pet Rock Festival with the dogs on Sunday if the weather isn't too hot. If you are in the central Massachusetts area, come check it out!