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Monday, August 13, 2007


What a beautiful summer weekend. I actually managed to have a day to myself on Sunday and got some rare relaxation time in. Hubby and our friend John got up early and headed out to go Scuba diving for the day. That left me and the boys to our own devices. I made sure all the chores were done early so that I could have the rest of the day free and clear. I did laundry, the dishes and straightened up. The plants got a good watering also. Check out the tomato plant - it's getting huge!

Tomato Plant
I'm not sure if we'll actually get any tomatoes from it as we got it late in the season. Fingers crossed we get one or two just to taste - it's a heirloom plant we got from the CSA.

After all the chores were done, I spent most of the rest of the day here.
Summer Knitting Place
It was wonderful. Sunny and warm, I even managed to fall asleep for a little nap in the afternoon. I can't remember the last nap I took! The boys and I went for several walks, and they got a good brushing along with "Doggie Trail Mix" as hubby has dubbed it - a container full of diced apples, carrots and bananas all dumped on the floor in the kitchen. They love their fruits and veggies!

I manged to get the rest of the leg, the heel and about half of the foot of the second Lichen rib sock done. I hope to have it off the needles in the next day or so. No true SSS for me, but the second sock always seems to go so much slower than the first....I'm anxious to get started on my sister's colorwork socks. I just have to gather the yarn and cast on! Not until Lichen Ribs are done though!

Licorice Whip didn't get much attention yesterday (I didn't want a big wool sweater on my lap on a 85 degree day!), but I did get it onto scrap yarn and try it on. So far, so good!
Licorice Whip
It seems to fit ok, and I put it on to decide when to start the waist shaping.
Licorice Whip - A tad big
I am probably going to start earlier rather than later! I have been debating with ripping out up to the armholes and decreasing there to use less yarn as that is a big concern with this sweater. Opinions? Will it make it pucker or do something weird if I decrease right away for a few rows, then go straight, then do waist shaping? Some ease is wanted, but not quite this much. I can also just do more waist decreases. It may work out pretty well - make the sweater more fitted all the way down. I'll just keep trying it on until it's where I want it! The one thing I truly love about top down knitting!