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Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally Friday

Why is the first week back after a vacation so hard? Getting back into the swing of waking up before the sun, making my mind think about complex things like queries instead of spells.

I have made it through the week and am looking forward to doing some recovery this weekend. Work was crazy - my usual lunchtime knitting didn't happen, and the after work hours were spent mostly at the kennel. Most of the staff is in Saratoga, NY at a dog show, so I'm left holding down the fort (and all the dogs!)

In puppy news, 12 days to go! P-Day, as we have dubbed it, is slated for August 22nd. We take her on Monday for her XRay to determine how many puppies she'll have. Judging by the size of her, there are quite a few in there! Here is a before and after shot. Plus, she still has more growing to do!

Deuce before and After

Lichen Rib Sock #2 is about halfway down the leg, and Whip is a few inches past the armholes. They pretty much look the same as the last pictures I posted, so I didn't see any point boring you with more of the same!

Our CSA delivery this week was a bounty. (no outside shot due to pouring rain!)
CSA 08 06
(as usual, click for the details)
The corn is delicious, the cherry tomatoes tasted like someone had sprinkled sugar on them, and the green beans were crispy and fresh. Yum. I still have to use the zucchini and the eggplant, but that is what the weekends are for! Real cooking! Hubby has been wonderful in that he has made me some wonderful dinners this week. I have just been too tired to do much!

Everyone seems to be receiving their Sockapalooza socks, and I've really enjoying looking at all of them as they arrive at their new homes. One non-palooza pair that really peaked my interest are these Petticoat Socks. Areli did a wonderful job. I keep forgetting about this pattern. Weekend Knitting is such a treasure trove of patterns - with all the other sock dedicated books I have, I never remember those poor Petticoat socks. One day.

Megan, as we all know, has her unique approach to knitting socks that has started to catch on. Her Single Sock Liberation Movement now has it's own Flickr group! Look at all those single lovelies. Personally, I think Denise is the most liberated I have seen so far. Take a look at this post with all her single socks! Lots of inspiration there. She has knit so many different colors and patterns. It will be fun to see them come together as pairs eventually.

Me, I'm still a pair sock girl. I have a very hard time putting something down for any length of time and being able to pick it back up again to complete it. I'll stick with my "Traditional Sock Pair Knitter" status for now...