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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Packed Like Sardines

We took Deuce yesterday for an XRay to determine how many puppies she will have. With only 8 days to go before her due date, she is getting huge! The vet has a cool digital xray machine, so we could see right away what she was keeping in her big belly.

Deuce XRay
NINE little babies!!! If you look close (or click on over to Flickr for a bigger version) you can see the skulls and spines of all the puppies. The contrast isn't quite as good as seeing it "live". We were hoping for a litter of six to eight - a very manageable size, but she went all out! He also thought that there may be one or two hiding on the left behind her intestines. Only time will tell I guess. Dogs are very interesting in the fact that their body temperature drops around two degrees about 24 hours before they are ready to give birth. Like a little warning for all involved! Wednesday is her official due date, but I think she'll go early. We'll see!

We also got another CSA delivery yesterday.
CSA 08 13
(click for details)
Lots of corn and all sorts of tasty veggies. A Cousa Squash as well as some Ming Choi needed a google search to determine what exactly they were! I love that - new and different things that I would never buy on my own. We will eat well this week!

Still no determination on what to do with Licorice Whip. I didn't get a chance to work on it last night at all, so I hope to have time tonight to look at it and see what the best plan may be. I have a couple of options -

  1. rip back to the armhole and start decreasing there (instead of a few inches past, where I am now)
  2. rip back to the raglan increases and only increase in the arm section and not in the body for the last few increases (definitely the best and probably the neatest solution)
  3. start the waist decreases now making them further apart row wise, but more of them

Decisions, decisions......