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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lichen Rib

For some reason, sock number two took forever to finish. It must have been that sock number one was done in the 11 hour ride down to the outer banks - my knitting time hasn't been that plentiful since we got back. I did manage to sit down and get them done the other night. Hubby wasn't around for a photo session, so you get my feet - the socks are a touch big (Thank goodness! His feet are about 4 sizes bigger than mine!) but the yarn is wonderful. (the photograph is horrible however - I took them the night I finished and had to use the flash)

Lichen Rib
Pattern: Lichen Rib Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes in color #220
Needle: #2 (2.75mm) Inox circular
Modifications: I used an eye of partridge heel and increased the stitch count to accommodate hubby's bigger feet.

Lichen Rib
The yarn is really nice. The colors are beautiful and the twist is really tight. I'd highly recommend getting some from Alison.

It seems that is the only positive knitting progress I've made this week. After reading all the comments and advice about Licorice Whip, I decided to rip back to the armholes and start the decreases there. Per the pattern they are every 5 rows, so I may just keep that interval and start right at the armholes. I like the fit across the chest, so I'm reluctant to rip back and make the chest smaller. Running out of yarn is a huge concern. I hate trying to race the yarn to the end!

Finishing the Lichen Rib socks gave me permission to start on my sister, Naomi's socks. I promised to design her a pair of colorwork socks. After she saw the Mamluke, Turkish and Heart Crook socks, she wanted a pair of her own! I looked through many books to seek just the right colorwork pattern. I wanted something a little different. Inspiration struck when I saw the preview of the Fall 2007 Vogue Knitting.
Naomis Sock Inspiration
I fell in love. The pattern was beautiful! (if only I could wear a dress like that!) After looking at the chart and having Naomi approve the pattern, I started on the ribbing.
Ribbing No More
I'm using Tess Yarns Supersock & Baby purchased at this year's Sheep and Wool. It looks like sherbet! (as a total aside, why is there no "r" in SherbeRt? That is how everyone says it!) The contrasting color will be a dark blue Tess yarn purchased at Stitches East last year. This should be a fun one! I'm not sure if I'll do solid color heels and toes, or continue the pattern down the heel. That's up to Naomi.

Puppy watch continues. She is growing bigger and bigger every day!