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Monday, August 27, 2007

In The Blink of an Eye

Sometimes you just need to finish a project. That urge for completion and casting off. Enter the Uptown Scarf from Weekend Knitting. Knit on very, very huge size #35 needles (thanks again Sarah for letting me borrow them!) it knit up super quick in just a night. I used some stash yarn - not my favorite, but it worked pretty well for this project. I opted to add the fringe because, well, I was in a fringy mood.

Uptown Scarf
Since Tucker is my usual model, I let Otis have a spin. This scarf is looooooonng. I do wish it was blockable though. The Lion Wool Ease Thick and Quick is soft, but not enough wool content to be blockable, so the garter stitch rows don't stay as open. (check out Lolly's great scarf to see what I mean) It was future gift knitting though, and it will make someone really warm!

I am happy to report that I have finished both the sleeves for Licorice Whip. I just need to do the cuffs and a few inches at the bottom of the sweater itself. The yarn is pretty much gone (I will get one cuff out of what I have left), but Lolly to the rescue! Thank goodness we have similar tastes in thrift finds. She actually had two of these sweaters she picked up at a thrift store right around when I did. I was so lucky that one is the same purple color and that she is willing to part with some of it! I won't need much, but it will be nice to be able to finish it off.

The Turret sock is growing slowly but surely. I'm about 3/4 through the leg. When I do have time to knit on it, it progresses quickly. Naomi and I have some heel decisions to make. Carry the pattern down the back? Plain short row? Plain heel flap?

And, of course I have some puppy pictures. They are growing by leaps and ounces every day. Gaining a good 2 ounces each day, you can really see them changing (and their bellies growing!) The next big event will be their eyes and ears opening around 10-14 days old. Sometime mid week.
"Decker (L) and Nine (R)"
Dekker and Nine
Happy Family