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Friday, August 24, 2007

Fiberlicioius Friday

This morning when I was packing my lunch for work, I saw the perfect Fiberlicious opportunity.


I think I have come up with a name for my newest socks. When I look at them, they make me think of those big rugs with the family crests that you would see hanging in castles in medieval times. I immediately thought of the turrets that are such a feature in castles.

Turret Socks
20 rows
The pattern is really starting to come out now. The next "layer" of patterns are totally different - kind of a mosaic effect. I can't wait to see the next patterns evolve! It is slow going, but fun.

Today, you get the ubiquitous puppy picture, but also a bonus:
My friend's huge Ridgeback - she loves beds of any kind and willed herself to fit into this tiny one. (the thing was only about a foot across!)

And, what you have been waiting for....
Dekker Cuddled up
They look very similar if not the same as yesterday, so I'll just be posting some cute ones until they have a big change in appearance. I am very excited to see their eyes open in a week or so. We have no idea if their eyes will be blue, brown, green or any combination thereof! Dad has brown eyes, and Deuce has one blue eye and one eye that is 1/2 blue and 1/2 green.

Have a wonderful weekend!