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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Maybe a Vest?

Brace yourselves - actual knitting content ahead! (but, I do have some puppy pictures for the end).

I've been knitting when I can on Licorice Whip. The body is done for the most part (except for a few inches at the bottom) and I have started the first sleeve. Most of it was done when I went to bed last night.

Licorice Whip Sleeve
Now it's back to the armhole again. Too big. I debated for a while whether to rip or not, but where I have a limited supply of yarn and I am really afraid I'm going to run out, I decided to rip back and make the decreases every 5 rows instead of every 7. I could easily grab a fistful of extra fabric at the sleeve. The pattern is strange - my gauge is spot on, and I'm knitting a size Small (I am usually a M/L) and the measurements are a bit off. Huh. Oh well. Luckily it's a top down sweater and you really don't have to follow the directions once you are off and running. I have the sweater on DPN's and am hating knitting it. I was using my Denise needles magic looped, but the join kept coming undone. Have I mentioned I hate using DPN's? I will persevere though - I need a larger FO than just socks. Good for the knitting mojo.

The lack of yarn is still a HUGE concern. I'm hoping against hope that I have a smidge left over when I finish the sleeves and can finish the body. I only need about 2" more. If not, maybe I'll finish the sleeves and body with an inch or so of contrasting trim - have to start thinking of ideas in case the knitting gods are messing with me again.

Naomi's sock is very slow going. I can't knit on it in front of the TV as the rows are so different I get lost easily. This is one of those knits I need complete concentration for...

Ok - so what you really came for....
This is Orb - so nicknamed for the shape on the top of his head. He is one of my "potentials".
One of his brothers sleeping peacefully.
Little Face