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Monday, July 02, 2007

Purgatory, Pesto and Piddleloop!

What a wonderful weekend. I got to spend lots of time with hubby (a rare occasion with both of our hectic schedules), got to be outdoors in the perfect weather, cooked a little and got some great gifties in the mail!

Our hike to Purgatory Chasm was interesting. We should have known by the sign.

Purgatory Sign
Otis didn't read the sign. He didn't read that there were lots of deceptive and slippery rocks. Not being the most sure-footed of my canine crew, he managed to slip and fall into a "pit" of sorts. Both hubby and I aged about 20 years when it happened. It was one of those slow motion moments. He was walking on the rock, and the next thing I knew, his little face disappeared beyond the rock. When I went to peer over to see if he was ok, I was terrified as to what I might see. I had no idea how long of a drop or to where he did fall. I scrambled down, checked him over and helped him out. Luckily, he was unhurt. Tucker whined the entire time he was stuck down there. What a caring brother.

After regaining our breath and letting our heartbeats return to a normal rhythm, we decided on a less harrowing trail.
Forest and the Boys on the Rock
The park was a lot smaller than we thought. On the map, the trails looked pretty long. We misjudged where we were (thinking we didn't get to the far end of the trail already) so we just kept walking. We managed to cover the longest trail in a little over an hour. It was a nice walk - nice breeze, perfect temperature. I'd like to go back to explore the chasm itself another time. We did manage to see it from above on the trail though.
Purgatory Chasm
See those people down there on the left? That was one deep chasm.

After the excitement of the morning hike (and fall) I turned to a little cooking to further soothe my nerves. With the last CSA delivery we got a bunch of kale. Not quite sure I wanted more steamed or sauteed kale as I just finished a bunch of chard, I got a great idea from Jess to try some Pesto. I gathered up garlic, lemon juice, steamed kale, fresh grated Parmesan and some basil. All went for a spin in the food processor and I streamed in some olive oil.
Yum. It has such a great flavor! You would never know there was kale in it. I think it will be dinner with pasta tonight. Garlic and Parmesan? Can't get much better.

I didn't manage to do much knitting this weekend. Between the hike, working at the kennel and doing those fun household chores like laundry there wasn't much time left. Something knitting related did cross my doorstep though - my new bag from Jen and Wendy! (and here as well)
Piddleloop bag
I saw this fabric on Jen's blog a while back and commented on how much I loved it. They then went and made a great project bag and matching little zip pouch for me! Now I will have a bag for every project - perfect for my vacation coming up in a few weeks - keep everything organized! They included loads of little extras too. Pins, notecards with quite the adorable monkey on them and some knitting sheep, hair pins - it seemed endless when I was pulling it out of the bag. Thanks girls!!!!!

Another whirlwind weekend has come to an end. I hope you got out to enjoy it!