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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


In the spirit of Megan's Fiberlicious Flickr group, I managed to get a little creative with the stash.....

Yarn Cotton Candy
A treat I haven't had in eons - Cotton Candy! I was never the biggest fan of it, a bit too sweet for my tastes, but it was a fun thing to eat. The way it just simply dissolved when you ate it. And all the fun colors! This is the other skein of the yarn I'm using for Whitby. Louet Gems Opal in the Pink Panther colorway. Or, as it now looks, the Cotton Candy colorway!

Speaking of Whitby, the second leg is complete, and I'm making my way through the heel.
whitby leg
This is a side shot - there is a center pattern, then another cable on the other side. The cables just pop so amazingly well with this yarn I couldn't resist a full on cable shot! The yarn is so pretty - just a perfect pink. This one should be done in no time!

I have also really been trying to work on the hoodie. Before I got all sock obsessed, I'd have a sweater project for home and a sock project for work that I would knit on during lunch. I have been really trying to get back to that routine (it's hard to tear myself away from the socks!) and get this hoodie done!
Hoodie Ribbing
About 3" of ribbing done. I think there is 5" total before the pattern starts. I'll have to organize a little and figure out what I'd like to do for the front. It may end up being the same as the back after my "mooshing" the two fronts together. I'm not quite sure what I'd like to do. Maybe a few of the cable columns separated by a bigger gap in the middle (almost a "blank" column) then more cable columns on the other side.....I have a few ideas floating around. For now though, I need to get through what seems like endless ribbing!

For everyone in the US - have a wonderful holiday tomorrow filled with food, fireworks and fun!