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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Little Recycling

I manged to finish up Whitby #1 last night - kitchnered and all. With a few inches of #2 under my belt, I took a little break.

Sock blockers are something that I never really thought I'd need. I just wash and hang them dry. My foot lets the sock know what shape it'd like it to be. But, with all these here blog photos, sock blockers would be a great asset. Not so much for shaping the sock, but for showing off those patterns that just look blah laid out flat. Not that I'm against taking pictures of my own feet, but having the blockers would give me another option if say, I had a head cold or something and didn't' want to be flipping my head over to take attractive foot shots.

Enter Maryann. Her super easy sock blockers took no time. The tutorial is here in case you want a pair of your own.

Sock Blockers
I happened to have a couple of doggie placemats laying around that we haven't used in a few years. Now, they have been re-purposed into handy dandy sock blockers! I still have a little trimming and refining to do, but they work great!

The Street Smart Hoodie also made an appearance last night. I actually cast on for the front! I am going to make it in one piece rather than a zip front. It will probably end up being some kind of V neck. The placement of the edge stitches looks like it will just be another ridge in the center to continue the pattern. That ridge can then be split to make the edging for the V neck. That is the plan anyway!

The heat and humidity has finally broken. We are about 25 degrees cooler than yesterday with a lot less humidity. The weekend looks beautiful, so hubby and I are planning to take the clan (yes, all FOUR dogs) on a hike at Purgatory Chasm. Pretty ominous name, huh? I've never been, but I have heard that it is beautiful with some nice trails. The camera will be coming along with us and I should hopefully have some nice nature shots.

In a little Public Service Message - please go check out Etsy. It is an amazing place full of amazing things. All handmade, all done by wonderful, creative people. Both Aija (with her famous Etsy Fridays as well as Deb want to spread the word about Etsy. I'm happy to oblige. Both hubby and I have purchased a few things from the site ranging from T Shirts to pottery bowls to gifts. It is a great place to browse and be inspired. Just watch you wallet....

Speaking of creativity, I also hope to be creative enough to think of a few shots for Megan's Fiberlicious group on Flickr. The shots that Ashley put up today are my favorite so far - take a look!