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Friday, July 06, 2007

Pink Pink Pink!

Whitby Front
Pattern: Whitby from Knitting on the Road by (who else but) Nancy Bush
Yarn: Louet Gems Opal in Pink Panther
Needle: #2 KnitPicks circulars
Mods: Made the leg about 1.5" longer than specified.

Overall, the socks are too snug for me. Luckily I have a few friends and family with smaller feet, so they are to be gifted. I easily could have used size #3 needles (if I did maybe they would have fit) and they are a bit dense, but the cables are nice and tight and really pop. The really interesting part is how much yarn these took. I got through the entire first sock and down the leg, through the heel and gusset of sock #2 before I needed to break into the second skein. Crazy!
Whitby Side
This pattern was as addictive as the Monkey socks. I really loved every minute knitting them. They only took 10 days to knit, and that was with a few days of no knitting at all. Quick, fun and Pink!!!

A big, huge, ginormous thank you goes out to Esther. She read my comments about lusting after Wollmeise sock yarn after seeing it everywhere. She was nice enough to send me the leftovers from these colorful socks.
Gifties from Esther
I was just expecting some yarn in an envelope. Did she deliver or what!!??!! I'm not sure how she knew my undying love of everything gummy, but these grape ones were amazing. If there was an Asian market anywhere near me, I'd be in trouble. (anyone know where I can get some on-line maybe??) The cookies are still in their box, but not for long. Swatching has commenced and I must say, I really like this yarn so far. The colors are so saturated. The twist is nice and tight (but in a different way - not in a Louet tight, but more a Lornas style), and it is sooooffft! Now I know what everyone is talking about - when I have a yarn budget again, some will be going to Germany.

Tucker, Ravin and I are off to a trial this weekend. Our last of the season! I guess I'll also have to find a sock to knit on - quick!