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Thursday, July 12, 2007

For the Love of Texture

I am in love. Truly in love with the texture and pattern of these socks.

Mad Color Weave leg
It's not the quickest knitting pattern, but I don't care - the texture of the slipped stitches which are then twisted two rows later is beautiful. The mini twisted stitch cables down the sides - brilliant. The fabric it creates for the main part of the leg is just beautiful. Purl stitches set off the mini cables and add just enough to the more woven look of the main part of the leg. Love Love Love. The pattern calls for 6 repeats for the leg. Too short for me. I wanted more of this beautiful pattern! After four additional repeats I have finally started the heel. I wanted plenty of pattern and texture to look at on the leg.

The heel flap is also not your typical slip stitch or eye of partridge heel. The stitches are slipped on the purl side, and the twisted stitch cables continue down the heel as well. Love Love Love.

After missing out yesterday on the book I really wanted at the Interweave hurt book sale (by the time I could get through on line, it was gone - seems like they had the exact same server issues as they did last year!), I was glad my books from the huge KnitPicks sale arrived.
Books from KnitPicks
All packed full of beautiful inspiration. Just in time for more colorwork! I'm not so sure about the Vogue Color book. There is a lot of Intarsia, (which I don't really like) and not as much stranded patterns as I would have hoped. The other two - Selbuvotter and More Sensational Knitted Socks both look like they are chock full of goodies. I'm not a huge mitten maker, but the patterns in the Selbuvotter book will work very well for socks, hats and just about anything else. I'm looking forward to really diving into these this weekend.