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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No One Puts Tucker in the Corner....

(I promise - knitting content at the end!)
It was like stepping back in time....The Blackthorne Resort is truly a getaway - a getaway from anything current that is. You get barely if any cell reception, the carpets and decor lead you to the 1960's and when you drive in it truly feels like you have stepped onto the set of Dirty Dancing. All weekend I was looking for Johnny or Baby to stroll by carrying a watermelon or something. Luckily this year I brought my camera. Trying to describe all the kitschy glory without photos just didn't cut it last year.

Blackthorne lodging
For some reason, this place has a fascination with birds. Loose or caged. Guinea hens, peacocks, a golden pheasant or two and roosters running around (Tucker thoroughly enjoyed giving them a good chase every morning)
Birds of Blackthorne
There is a cute playground for the kids -
And even a spot to tie the knot if you so desire (next to the algae and goose infested pond)
Love shack
They have a Tiki bar complete with wall to wall wood paneling and carpet with mustard yellow and avocado green medallions.
Tiki Bar
One of the rooming areas (they are split up into mini hotels all around the property. To say they are "basic accomidations" is pushing it - some rooms have a lingering scent of who knows what, the linens and shower curtains look like they came from goodwill and things just don't work) looks like one of my all time favorite Disney rides
haunted house
You can see all the rooming areas are decorated with flowers and other, ahem, attractive items attached to them.
Blackthorne Rooms

We stayed in the room area to the right (white one) on the bottom floor. Easy to walk the dogs, close to the trial (about 200 feet!) There is a huge pavillion with a place to get (gross) food and drinks during the day if you want.
Blackthorne Pavillion
The only picture I don't have that I wish I had taken was of the dining room. Why no picture? Because we never entered it all weekend. We all brought our own food and cooked out and pot lucked it. The food is less than stellar (pretty nasty actually) but is included in your "resort" room price. We did eat in the dining room last year (for lack of any other food - the closest convenience store is about 10 miles away) but learned our lesson and we all brought food this year.

With the nasty rooms and gross food you may be wondering why I go back - the people! It is the most fun dog people have all year - we drink Mike's as we sit and watch agility in beautiful weather. Three full days. Three exhausting days. Three wonderful days! We already put our room reservations in for next year!

In knitting news (I had to include some kind of knitting content!) Whitby proves to be just as addictive a pattern as Monkey was. Easy to memorize and it flies with the thicker Louet Opal and size two needles I am at the heel after only a short stints of knitting!
All Pink
(Judging by this picture, you would think pink was my favorite color!)The Opal is knitting up dense and squishy on the #2's. I probably could have gone to #3's easily, but I love a dense sock. The cables - ahhh, I have missed cables while I was having my stranded obesssion. The Opal shows them brilliantly. This has to be one of my favorite sock yarns ever.