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Monday, June 25, 2007


Finished Monkey
Pattern: Monkey from Knitty.com
Yarn: Three Waters Farm sock yarn in "Sunset"
Needles: Handy dandy KnitPicks 32" #1 circs
Mods: None!

What an addictive pattern! I found myself doing many repeats without being able to put the sock down. The yarn is really nice - it isn't twisted as tightly as say a Koigu or STR, but it is really soft and the colors are beautiful! My feet are a few sizes bigger than my sisters, so they are a bit stretched out looking.
Monkey Done Side
After I took the pictures, a good soak in my new limited edition Celebration fragrance Soak from always generous Sarah made the yarn bloom even more and get softer. They will be mailed off to my sister this week!
Monkey Done Close
In preperation for my 3 day weekend in New York at the agility trial, I made another batch of the marvelous Tofu Brownies. I had previously brought some to the kennel and everyone demanded another batch to bring to NY with us. I think they came out better the second time.
Tofu Brownies
With seven of us eating them, they went pretty quick. We even had them with ice cream on Saturday evening to celebrate our last night there. (More details on the trip in another post!)

We also got our first CSA delivery on Wednesday.
CSA June 18
(click on the picture to take you to Flickr with all the details on what's what)

Talk about a lot of food! It took me 2 trips to bring it up from the car! Everything was really fresh and so green. I really don't think we'll be able to eat all this in one week! I washed up the red and green leaf lettuces and packaged them up for easy storage. The rest of the greens need to be eaten tonight before we get our other delivery today! I think it is going to be wonderful to have all these fresh, organic foods all summer long!

I have no sock on the needles right now (horrors!) as I'm debating what to start next. I'm leaning heavily towards Whitby (these are beautiful!) in some Pink Louet Opal. Coincidentally, Lolly just cast on for hers! (Great minds think alike!)

I'm gathering all my photos from this weekend - it was quite a time! The weather - perfect. The people - so much fun.