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Thursday, June 28, 2007

5 A Day - No Problem!

We picked up the second shipment of our CSA.

CSA June 25
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Lots more great greens! I have really been enjoying taking salad to work for lunch every day. We got 4 more heads plus some arugula, kale and some beautiful red chard. In the mix was also the red looking scallions - I'm think they may just be a different variety, but boy are they tasty - along with a thyme plant. I love that they send fresh potted herbs too. We should be getting at least one or two a week! I need to make more room in the planting containers! More strawberries (I love these tiny, really tart ones) along with some yellow squash and zucchini that we will be grilling this week.

Last night I tried a recipe for Chipotle Cheddar Chard and used it as a filling in some tortillas. It was really good. Chipotle is one of my favorite flavors (and places!) and it really livened up the chard and made for a filling and healthy dinner. I still have the head of kale left - not quite sure what to do with that. If anyone has any unique ideas, let me know!

I am at the toe of the first Whitby. I made the leg about an inch longer than the pattern suggests - it seems like I am going to have a lot of yarn left over (even with my big size 9.5 feet!), and I like longer sock legs on my socks anyway. The heel and foot flew off the needles last night and I will probably cast on for the mate today. Looks like I'll have leftover pink

With as quick as these are going, I best be looking at what I'd like to knit next! With more and more people becoming members of Ravelry, (a HUGE thanks to Jess and Casey - they seriously ROCK!) I have come to browse the site a lot more just looking for ideas and things I may have forgotten about. Mad Color Weave is one I recently found. I love the texture. These Leaf and Tendril socks by Cat Bordhi look to be a fun challenge. Crystalline Lattice is another great textural sock. Then, there is always quite a few Nancy Bush patterns in the queue: Friday Harbor, New England and Unst are some I'd still like to knit.

Or, maybe I should pick up the long neglected Street Smart Hoodie. It just needs a front and a hood. Though I'm still on a toss up about the hood.

For now, I will plug away at Whitby all the while thinking of what may come next. I hope it's not as hot where you are as it is here - mid 90's with crazy humidity!