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Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad A$$ Knitter

Or so Sarah says. She sent me this amazing box bag as the ultimate knitty birthday gift.

Skull Box Bag From Sarah
Pretty amazing, huh? Check out that lining! All cute and mellow and flowery on the outside - totally biker chick/pirate on the inside.
Box Bag from Sarah Loaded
It is the perfect size - holds a ball of sock yarn, my little notions bag and pattern comfortably and cozily (is that a word??). She rocks.

Seems like my birthday went extra long this year. I got some great books in the mail from my aunt (also a knitter) and uncle the other day.
Birthday Books
The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume Two - Cables and Knitting Stitches are both nice, thick books packed with patterns. Stitch pattern books to me are like the novels of the knitting world. I start flipping through, my mind races with all the possibilities and then I look up and it's 3 hours later. They suck you in. The Trianglepoint book (I can't even find it on line to link to!) is one my dad picked up for me at a used book store. He travels a lot for business, and loves to have little missions to go on. Like me, he loves books and sending him off with a list of knitting books to hunt for is not as much of a chore as it is an adventure. This is a needlepoint book, but has some wonderful graphic ideas for patterns. Lots of new reading and browsing material. I love it.

Hubby has found a new source for his sugar rush. Jones Soda. The flavors are anything but typical. The colors - inspiring. (and this is only a few)
Jones Soda
Our local warehouse club recently started selling it and the last time we went, I actually had a coupon. So two cases found themselves into our cart pretty quick. The flavors are really intense. The green apple is a wonderful tart, sweet flavor. Berry Lemonade is just that - no artificial soda flavor is covering or altering them. Yum.

With the Heart Crook socks complete, you didn't think I'd waste any time in getting a new sock on the needles, right? This skein of sock yarn was purchased at the 2006 Maryland festival. I had spotted a few skeins that Lolly purchased when we sat down and chatted at the knitblogger meet up. I immediately went back into the main building and grabbed some for me. It has marinated in the stash until now. Avid readers will know I am not a fan of variegated yarns. Heart Crook definitely changed my mind, but after two pairs of fair isle socks done, I was ready for a "regular" pattern.

After seeing all the cute Monkey socks pop up all over Flickr and the net, I knew the pattern worked well with variegated yarn. Then, enter the picot hem. Kristy, Sarah and Cara had such cute pairs I had to knit one as well.
These will be for my sister. An interim pair as her fair isle pair is still on paper at this point! After some struggling with the picot hem, after one night of knitting I am three repeats into the leg. Everyone is right - this pattern just flies!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. The boys and I are off to another agility trial this Sunday and Monday. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and hopefully we'll have good news to report! You know my Bad A$$ bag is going along!