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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Flood

I really have to say I was totally overwhelmed by all the comments that came (and keep coming!) in on the Turkish Stockings. I read and replied to each and every one of them that I could either directly via email or through a comment on their blogs. (note to self: look into better commenting program) The real bonus was that I got to visit many, many new blogs and hopefully made de-lurkers out of some of you!

A huge thank you to the whole knitblog community. Thanks to Ashley and Jessica for linking to me - I got quite a few visitors from your sites! We are a great bunch, and I really couldn't do any of my knitting without you. You taught me everything I know!

Now, my only question remains - what to wear with these when I go to the festival next month?

Sock Drawer
They are now nestled amongst all my other handknit socks waiting to be worn

Even though it's Friday the 13th, it seems as the stockings have brought me good luck - I won a contest over at Allison's!! She took a great vacation to San Francisco and had a contest about favorite vacations. From someone who pretty much never wins anything, I was excited! The prize is some Interlacements Toasty Toes - a sock yarn I've never used before. Thanks Allison!

Tucker and I are off to New York this afternoon for an agility trial. It is a pretty special one. Our first trial ever was at this very location one year ago. We've come a long way! Otis and Ravin will have a very special lady to keep them company when I'm gone. Diana, a friend's Rhodesian Ridgeback is staying with us for a few days.
Boys with Diana

Hubby's socks are coming along. I am through the gusset of the first one and am working my way down the (long) foot. I hope to knit a bunch in the car ride to New York today as well as a bit at the trial.

Have a great weekend and enjoy spring if it's come to you! We are still getting flurries and temps in the low 40's!