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Friday, April 06, 2007

Much of the Same

Not much pictorially to report on here. Both the Turkish Stocking (thank you again for all the comments!) and the Big Hubby's sock are progressing along. They don't look a heck of a lot different. See previous post and just imagine a few more inches on each. I'm trying to set goals with the Stocking. Now that I have knit one, and taken more than copious notes on the process, the second is not as thrilling. I know what is happening and when - that element of surprise (not a great thing for knitting) and adventure is missing. Don't get me wrong, I am loving knitting it and though I have no idea how I will show these off, I will wear the completed pair. The second sock so-so's have set in. So, I set goals. I know how many rows until the heel flap - I try to do at least x rows per knitting session so I make steady progress. The chart has pretty much been committed to memory, so the knitting itself goes a bit faster. New projects taunt and call me. Yarn from the stash beckons.

Being the knitting monogamist that I tend to be (more than two projects on the needles at once really stresses me out!) I focus on the project at hand and get it done. For right now, it is the Stockings. Hubby's socks do factor in every once and a while when I don't feel like knitting two handed. The poor Street Smart Hoodie lingers waiting to be worked on again. If I let something sit without being worked on for too long, I loose all interest and end up ripping. This will have to be addressed this weekend. I'm not so good at dividing up my knitting time, but the Hoodie deserves some additional rows before it gets pushed farther to the back of the line.

Because the coming of Spring (it is 28 out right now and was quite a bit colder this morning - I know Spring has to come eventually, right?) renewal and the rebirth of just about everything takes place. Hence the knitter turns to "birthing" new projects. (bad pun, I know) Elspeth has a great post on thinking through a new project. Many of the things she mentions I do myself. Some are great new ideas that I will surely take to heart before my next project starts. If all goes well, my next pair of socks will be a self designed pair for my sister. I kind of feel like I cheated her as the Stockings were originally supposed to be for her. With the yarn bounty at Sheep and Wool I think I will let her pick the yarn and colors she'd like. The day before we'll browse through some stitch pattern books to see what looks good and go from there. Barbara Walker's Second Treasury is on my list of things to look for, along with some more Nancy Bush

Speaking of Sheep and Wool, it is exactly a month away. Must knit faster!