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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Socks and Straightening

Without further ado - may I present my latest creation!

Childs First Socks
Pattern: Childs First Socks from Knitting Vintage Socksby the brilliant Nancy Bush
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Amethyst
Needle: #1 32" KnitPicks Circular
Modifications: Added one pattern repeat (8 sts)
The pattern was a fun and quick knit - it's a 10 row repeat, but it becomes very intuitive once you do a few repeats. It's nice and stretchy, but I did add a pattern repeat to make sure the "shells" in the pattern didn't stretch too much. I liked the ones I had seen with some dimension to them.

The yarn is great stuff. A really tight twist, great yardage on the skein (420 yd), it's superwash, and the colors are amazingly saturated. This purple is so rich, so deep - I have really never seen a dyed yarn so, well, so purple! I have 3 more skeins (shown here) and the colors are just as pretty. I'm thinking maybe combining two of them for some fair isle socks (yes, another try!).

These were off the needles for about two minutes before I started a new pair. One of my best friends saw a picture of my Trekking Socks and fell in love with the trademark Trekking stripes. Luckily, I had a skein of Trekking #107 - she loved the colors and a new sock was born. Simple is better with Trekking, so I'm just planning on doing a garter rib pattern. Easy peasy.

Inspired by Stephanie, I took a long look at my craft room. Like her, it started to become just a catch all for my stuff. I'd just pile it up on the desk or throw it in the closet. It was a mess. I used to do a lot of quilting - I had a closet full of fabrics all sorted by color. It made what I needed easy to find at the time. But, with quilting and fabric crafts taking a back burner right now to knitting, I thought that the closet could use a little makeover. I didn't take any before pictures, but just picture the shelves all covered in piles of fabric. Yes, all the shelves. Now, it's a picture of organization.
Craft Room Closet
The plastic bins hold my yarn - 2 of sock yarn, 2 of leftovers and single skeins and the ones on the floor are for sweater quantity yarns. The fabrics are now stacked a bit higher and are towards the back. Still easily accessible, but just not taking over all the shelves.

The desk was another huge catch-all. Large flat surfaces tend to get like that...it took me a while, but it's now clean and a great workspace. And, my sewing machine now has some room to breathe!
Craft Room Desk - Clean!
It's a huge desk - hubby and I each got one at Ikea a few years back. It ended up working out perfectly for a sewing table.
Craft Room Desk
Organization....a wonderful thing.....