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Monday, February 26, 2007

Starting Over

I had a bit of a frustrating weekend knitting wise. Everything I touched seemed to become a tangled mess! The Aldebaran socks were looking pretty good. I had the heel turned and the stitches picked up along the gusset.

Aldebaran before Frogging
Then, I tried to continue the pattern. I knew that I had to do colorwork on both the sole and instep, because if I only did it on the instep, the yarn would be at the wrong place every time I came around to knit it with both colors. I sat for literally a few hours trying to figure out how to make it work. Either my brain just couldn't wrap itself around the concept, or it just wasn't meant to be. I tried integrating the sole pattern and it looked horrible with the solid heel turn and the gusset stitches. Nothing worked. I knit and tried something, I frogged back. I tried again, and frogged again. I stopped counting after 4 times. Then I took control.
Aldebaran after frogging
I frogged the whole darn thing. I didn't want a solid foot, and I just couldn't get it to work the way I wanted. The ball winder was the only solution I could justify at the time.

To distract me and calm me down a little, I did some baking. Red velvet cake is one of my all time favorites, so when I saw this recipe over at Nic's blog, I knew it was time to try them!
Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies
They came out wonderful. I didn't have any cream cheese, but I had a huge tub of mascarpone, so I just used all mascarpone with a dash of plain yogurt for just a little tang that the cream cheese would have had. The cookie parts weren't really cake and weren't really cookies - a nice in-between texture. Between hubby and I, they disappeared over the weekend!

After a good sugar rush, I decided to try the socks again using the pattern and doing the Bosnian Toe as called for. The thing ended up teeny tiny after I did all my increases on #3's. So, I ripped and started again on #4's. Still no luck - you work from the toe point up, do the increases while doing the colorwork, then just knit the foot as "normal". I couldn't even get the toe over three of my toes after all the increases! I debated about using #5's - I was using Louet Opal and Henry's Attic Kona - both yarns I had knit before on #3's. Figuring that I really didn't have anything to loose, I tried the 5's. Still no luck! At this point, I gave up. I don't want to say that the sock got the best of me, but man, this one is pretty darn close!

So, I knit on the back of the Street Smart Hoodie for a bit.
SS Hoodie back
The rows are a lot longer than the sleeves, but they use the same cable pattern repeated four times. I have a ways to go to get to the 14" I need, but it is good mindless knitting when my brain was so completely fried after the sock.

With no sock on the needles, I feel a bit lost. I think I may just have to get my sister to pick another sock until I feel up to tackling this one again.....