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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Show offs

Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm feeling a bit better, though this lingering cough is getting really annoying! I'm drinking lots of tea (yay for my ingenuiTEA!) and resting up. Turns out Jessica (Deuce's handler) also has it. We must have picked it up at Westminster.

When I arrived home on Wednesday to the pile of sleeping beings, it was also Valentines Day. Usually hubby and I don't do a lot on V-Day - some cards, maybe dinner, but just being together in our hectic schedules is the simple thing that I always want. This year, there was a box waiting for me in the bedroom when I went to unpack. What could it be?

Clear Clogs
Clear clogs! (from here) - how great is he!!! Only a truly wonderful knitty husband would even think of these! I know I had mentioned them in passing, but it's nice to know he actually pays attention! Don't they look great with my nice bright socks?

Yay! Thank you so much!! How better to show off my hand knit socks! (and they're really comfy too!)

The knitting continues - Broken Cable Rib sock #2 is complete for Ivy.
Broken Cable Rib - Done!
Pattern: Broken Cable Rib from Summer 2005 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Tess Supersock
Needle: #2 KnitPicks 32" circular done Magic Loop style
Mods: Made the same "mistake" in both socks (the crossed cable near the bottom) and made the cable crossings going left on one sock, right on the other.

Made it with only a few days to spare for the February SAM3 entry. This Tess yarn is great - I'm glad I have a few skeins stashed away for knee highs for me at some point! If she is at MD Sheep & Wool again this year, I will be getting more for sure! The sock is now on it's way up to Vermont to be with the other one.

I've started the back for the Street Smart Hoodie. I've been kind of distracted by socks and being sick, but it's time to get this one back on track! I think it will make a great sweater to bring along to the Outer Banks this summer for the cool nights! The yarn is really soft, and not too dense. I still haven't decided how I'm going to do the front (full cardi, half zip or v-neck or just a pullover) so I figured I'd work on the back next and leave the front for last. Both sleeves are done and blocked.

Have you seen some of the sock designs that Cookie has been coming up with for Stitches West? They are amazing - the colors, the textures - truly inspiring! They make me want to get out the stitch dictionary and start a new pair of socks! But, I still have Aldebaran on the needles and have to decide what I'd like to do with the sole of the foot - to strand and pattern, or leave plain? If I do pattern it, I have to figure out how to work it into the heel turn. I'll consult my sister to see how thick she wants these - only stranding the instep would make them a bit thinner than doing both the sole and instep.

We got another light snowfall last night - a few inches of fluffy stuff that stuck to everything. Otis sure enjoyed himself!
Otis in the Snow