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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow Day

We've actually had a few small bursts of snow over the past few days - only about 4" total, but enough to make everything pretty and white again. (grass was starting to show through!) Hubby and I took the boys over to the Dam to have a good romp in the snow and burn off some energy.

Otis and Ravin
The lake is frozen through - there were people ice fishing and snowmobiling across it. So, we figured it was thick enough to hold us.
Walking across the Lake
It was nice in that there was no one else there and the boys could just run and play. We did run into one Basset hound towards the end of the visit, but he was very friendly and eager to join in.
A snowy Day at the park
We all had a great time - needless to say, the boys pretty much slept the rest of the day away! It's hard work running through all that snow!

The good vibes for the day continued when I got home and started a new sock. Using the purple yarn from Aldebaran, I cast on for the Child's First Socks from the ever inspiring Knitting Vintage Socks. I had to add in one pattern repeat as it is sized for a much smaller foot. So far, so good.
Childs First Sock
But, my only question is why aren't there any charts in this book??? I got so frustrated trying to read out the instructions I just made my own charts. I used Excel and a knitting font I downloaded from here. Now, I have pretty charts to work from.

The mail yielded a great surprise from none other than Sachi! She had mentioned on her blog a while back that she had chapter excerpts from The Friday Night Knitting Club if anyone wanted a preview. Always up for a new book, I was in. When my envelope arrived yesterday, it had so much more than just the excerpts!
Gift from Sachi
Not only did she send some absolutely stunning stitch markers in a beautiful iridescent green, but two skeins of Silk Garden! I have never even touched the stuff, and seeing all the beautiful Lady Eleanor's I have been tempted to seek some out. Not sure what to do with the two skeins - for now they will marinate in the stash....Thanks so much Sachi!!!