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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well, after 3 days of rain, it's getting a bit old. More is called for tomorrow, but with possible breaks in the afternoon. Then, back to more clouds and gloom on Thursday and Friday. We're headed back down to Baltimore and DC for our family Thanksgiving on Friday. This time I'm driving and bringing both the hubby and all the dogs. Always makes for a fun trip! We always do it the weekend before the "real" holiday so no one has to drive on the most travelled day of the year. Makes everyones life a bit easier. Plus, there is a great craft show in Gaithersburg the same weekend. They have some really beautiful and different stuff.

So, even with the lack of any natural lighting, I did manage to more accurately capture the color of the Rebecca Cable Sweater.

Rebecca Cabled Sweater
I'm two skeins into it (on those #13's I can knit a skein in a night!) and I'm really liking how soft and squishy it is. I tried it on last night and it looks like the size will be right on - nice and roomy. I could probably go down a bunch of stitches (like 10) for a more tailored fit, but I am looking for cozy.

Speaking of cabled sweaters, have you seen Vanessa's new cardigan? Stunning. There are also tons of great cables showing up on the Fall Cable KAL. Fall is the perfect time for cables!

The Zebra socks are making quick progress on #2's - my first time knitting with Koigu!
Zebra Sock
I really like the colors together. The teal isn't really teal, but a dark greenish blue with charcoal hints in it. Hubby tried it on last night and said, "This is some really nice yarn!" Little did I know what educated feet he has! I explained how Koigu is kind of the Shangri-La of the sock yarn world. The pattern, Madder Ribbed Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks (again! - I can't put down this book!) is a nice rib - nice and stretchy and a little bit different. He has also proclaimed that they fit the best of any pair so far. I guess I'm getting better as I knit more for him! I'm still getting 7.5 sts/" on #2's, but don't want to go to #3's as I think the fabric would be too loose. Knitting with it is very nice - extremely tight twist and it's not buttery soft, but soft. A different kind of soft. I know they will soften up more once they are washed. Speaking of washing Koigu, I have heard that some throw it in the washer? I'd love to be able to machine wash these in cold on the gentle cycle with the rest of the socks....