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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ooh La La!

Early Friday morning on my treasured day off from work, I kitchnered together the toes on the Childs French Socks!

Childs French Socks - Done
Childs French Socks - Pattern Close Up
The pattern is so pretty, and the Merino/Tencel yarn (Dave's Cabin Cove Merino/Tencel) gives it this great sheen. Overall, a great pattern to knit and super soft yarn! I will for sure be knitting more from this book! In fact, I've already started another toe up pair for my husband in Koigu. (my first Koigu!) They will be one of the basic ribbed socks at the beginning of the book. The colors are loosely based on these. I have a really dark teal color with charcoal grey in it for the heels, toes and cuffs, then a black, white and grey varigated for the legs and feet. I got it in the huge rush at the Koigu booth at the festival this past year. I don't have two full skeins of the grey, but with the two of the teal, it should be enough for some taller anklets.

I also started the Rebecca cabled sweater. Twice. Casting on 168 stitches is not fun in the first place, but to knit six inches in, then have to rip the whole thing out to start over is even less fun. I think it took me a bit to get used to the #11 needles I was knitting with, because when I took a gauge measurement 6" in, it had changed to 4.5 sts/" instead of the 4 I was aiming for. Rip Rip. I went up to #13's (gasp!) and it looks like I'm back on track. I have no idea how anyone would get 3.5 sts/" on #11's with Cork. I always have a hard time getting anywhere near gauge with the called for needles. I envy those that do.....
Rebecca Cable Sweater
(sorry for the horrible lighting - it has been raining all day here!)
I do like how the cables are coming out, and how super soft this yarn is! On #13's, I'm predicting it will go pretty fast!