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Thursday, November 16, 2006

More of the Same

I'd post pictures, but they'd look very much like the last ones! The Rebecca sweater is progressing pretty quick and I am up to the armholes. I can't decide if I should bind off and work back and forth and do set in sleeves, or do raglan and work it in the round all the way. I did get Knitting From The Top from the library to see if she has anything about set in sleeves done in the round. I've used four of my ten skeins, so I really hope I have enough. I need to cast on a sleeve and see how many that will take - running out would not be fun!

The socks are at the heels, and I'm going to use Misocrafty's Short Row Heel Tutorial and see if I'm more successful this time. I have conquered picking up stitches for heel flaps, but have yet to get a short row heel I'm really happy with.

The hubby, dogs and I pack up and head down to Baltimore tonight to invade my sister's apartment. My stomach is growling already for Thanksgiving on Saturday!