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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I actually made a decision!

Those who know me well know that I tend to be a bit indecisive at times. For me, it is more the loss of the unchosen choice than actually picking something.

A full bag of Rowan Cork has been languishing in my stash for about a year now. I got a great deal on it at Webs when they had their big tent sale. The color is a nice, neutral toffee and I had envisioned a cable sweater with it from the moment I picked it up. At the time, I had several other sweaters going, so it got put aside. Then I discovered socks. Now that the cold weather approaches and I'm in sweater knitting mode again, it was time to resurrect the Cork.

After browsing over (and over) my Interweaves, VK's and Rowan magazines along with bunches of on-line patterns, I came up with a list of some that would work and that had the cabley-ness I wanted.
Cork Sweater Possibilities
1. From (I think) Fall 2001 VK
2. Sweater with Cable Pattern from Rebecca 28
3. Licorice Whip from Blue Alvarez
4. Braid from Rowan 32
5. Cable Aran sweater from Rebecca 26
6. Cables in Chamonix from Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics

All had cables, and all were about the gauge for Cork. Now came the hard part - deciding. I eliminated Licorice Whip because I have a stash of some recycled purple yarn from a Gap sweater I got at the thrift store that would work great for it, and I think it is just enough yardage.

Both Braid and the Cable Aran from Rebecca were almost overly cabley for what I wanted. The Vogue pattern, almost not cabley enough. All I wanted was basic. Comfy. Cables.

That left the Rebecca 28 sweater and the Yarn Girls one. Both had just enough cabling and the same gauge.

In the end I picked the Rebecca pattern. More for the fact that I have never knit a Rebecca pattern before (though I own three of the magazines!). My only decision is whether to make the cable down the back as well. The pattern calls for the same cable panel to be knit into the back, but I am leaning towards a plain stockinette back. I am also thinking of just knitting it in the round to the armholes to save on yarn and seaming at the end. A little 'net research today should give me a few answers as to construction for that.

I'm hoping to cast on tonight at my weekly knit "group" (it is actually only 2 of us, but I like to think of it as our little knit group!).

The Childs French sock #2 is progressing rapidly. It looks the same as the first one and I am in the process of knitting the heel flap. With the sock knitting I've been doing this month, I think I need a "sockvember"......

In blog notes, I noticed that my Stitches post from Monday was my 200th!