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Monday, November 20, 2006

One Down, One to Go!

Well, one Thanksgiving dinner is complete and eaten with one more left to prepare and feast on! We had a great time down in Baltimore with our family, and I managed not to overstuff myself full of holiday goodies! It was nice to be where there was still some green around and even a few flowers left. Driving back late last night (we arrived home about 2AM this morning) we saw temperatures drop as we headed north. By the time we reached home, it was about 33 degrees compared to the "balmy" 45 or so it was when we left.

I did manage to do a little knitting.

Zebra sock through heel
I only had to rip it out once, but the heel of Zebra sock #1 is complete! I followed Misocrafty's tutorial and really liked passing the wrap over versus knitting it. My heel does look better, but it took me a try to really figure it out. Knitting the heel with contrasting color made ripping back a lot easier - just rip until the yarn is done! I haven't made short row heel socks for hubby yet, so the jury is out if they will fit his big heels.

Sunday, I had a knitters doggie meet up with Sarah and her adorable Aussie Murphy. All our boys got along great and ran their hearts out at the Dog Park. Murph gave them a good run for their money and they all went home exhausted.
Exhausted Boys
(though Otis looks more terrified of something in this picture than tired!)

Sarah and I also did a little trade - she got some sock and scarf yarn from me, and I got some great new bags from her! (check out her new stranded socks - love them!)
Bags from Sarah
She made them all herself! Right now I'm just using some old cosmetic bags I had laying around, but now my knitting travels in style! They are so pretty, and just the perfect size for a sock project and all the stuff you need to take along with it. The orange and green bag has handles so you can wear it like a backpack also!

So, back to the grind today. It's a short week though, and I have tons to do to get ready for Thanksgiving. We have 17 humans and 11 canines coming over! I think I may use mini lint brushes as placecards this year......