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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Major Sock Crisis Averted!

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was absolutely perfect - low 70's with that crisp, clean fall air. The foliage in New Hampshire was almost peak and the colors were just beautiful. I would have captured it all, but the camera spent the weekend forgotten at home.

Tucker was a superstar - out of our 5 agility runs, he got two second places, a third and a fourth! I was so proud! He was having so much fun, and we just really clicked this weekend.

I did do a tiny bit of knitting this weekend - I managed about 15 rows on the second rDNA sock. The bag it was in then managed to fall out of my bigger bag and worm it's way under the chair of the person sitting next to me at the trial. I packed up all my stuff and left Sunday afternoon. I got home Sunday evening ready to do some knitting and the sock bag was no where to be found. I promptly freaked out (to put it mildly). The pattern, chart, all my notes for the first sock, the unique hand dyed yarn were all in that bag. I called the venue where the trial was held - they were closed by this point, so I left a message of desperation hoping someone may have found it and turned it in. Agility people are probably the nicest group of people around (next to knitters, of course!) and I knew if someone found it they would turn it in. I then called my trainer hoping to get the phone number of the woman who sat next to me - I knew her (we train with the same instructor) but not her phone number. My trainer happily informed me that she had my knitting safe and sound!!! I let out a huge sigh of relief and thanked her about a thousand times. I nearly cried. What a feeling of relief! I should have my sock back tomorrow or Wednesday.

In my gleeful mood after knowing my sock was safe and sound, I put that good knitting mojo to work and seamed the shoulders of smocking together. I'm undecided as to what to do with the neck. The model has a small mock/funnel type neck shown here:

smocking on the move
I'm just not sure I want that kind of neck - I tried it on last night with just a few rows of in pattern knitting (ignore the stylin' purple t-shirt under it!):
Smocking first fitting
Instead of the called for neck treatment, I could do a simple crochet edging, ribbing, simple bind off, seed stitch, or something else I'm not thinking of? I would probably wear a t-shirt under this, and I have plenty of yarn left (probably 2 skeins). Simple would most likely be better with the smocking going on over the sweater itself, and I'm up to try anything. Let me know what you think - you guys always seem to have the right answers!

Speaking of answers, the questionnaire that Lolly put up has really been interesting. Seeing everyone's answers all over blogdome has not only made me laugh and empathize with some of the first sock stories, but there are techniques out there that I just have to try.

Both Sarah and Kristi listed their preferred knitting style as using 12" circulars. Up for trying anything new (and possibly easier) I clicked on over to Ebay and grabbed a pair of 2.5mm Addi's from The Best Shop (great Addi prices and quick shipping!) Now, I'm just waiting for them to arrive to try them out. I tend to pick up my #1's the most, so I ordered those to try out the new technique with.