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Friday, October 06, 2006

Traveling Socks

The first DNA sock is complete up to the toe!
DNA Sock - 3/4 view

DNA sock - back

DNA first sock side
I stuck it on an extra circular needle I had so I could mail it off to her to try on. These need to fit perfect, and the only way I know to achieve that is to have the wearer try them on. Since they aren’t a surprise, I don’t mind sending them on a little vacation to visit her. I have already done the ribbing and a few rows of the cable for the second one. To put yet another twist (no cable pun intended!) into designing my own socks, I want the DNA strand on this second sock to mirror the one on the first. After pondering how to “flip” the cable chart over, I printed out the chart onto some clear overhead paper, then put it into the copy machine, flipped it over and copied it. Viola! A reversed cable pattern! Now, of course all the numbers, cable stitch key were backwards, but I just copied a new key and taped it over the inverted one. Brilliant! (clang go the glasses of Guinness)

Still no seaming on the smocking as of yet. My nights have been so busy recently that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and start it. Seaming for me is a methodical thing. I need to be at a table and really concentrate on it. Otherwise it just ends up a mess!

Another pair of socks has managed to make it out of the sock drawer - the Jungle Socks are keeping my feet cozy and warm on this chilly fall day.
Jungle Socks Out and About
The hubby, Tucker and I are off to New Hampshire this weekend for an agility trial. As an added bonus, we are staying with some of our best friends, and I get to visit all my old haunts from when I lived up there. We may even fit some apple picking in. The foliage should be just beautiful up there as it has just started to turn here. I have to say, this time of year I am so glad I live in New England!