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Monday, October 16, 2006

Attack of the Virus

I had such great hopes of getting tons of knitting done this weekend. It all went out the window. Instead of needles and yarn being my constant companions this weekend, I ended up with these guys

sick friends
I was miserably sick all day Saturday and Sunday. So sick I didn't even feel like knitting. I sat in my chair at the dog show in a decongestant induced trance all weekend. Last night I finally managed to get a good nights sleep and feel better today.

On Friday, before the cold virus had taken over my entire body, I did manage to finish up the neckline of Smocking.
smocking neckline
The sewn bind off was really easy and fast. I like how it came out. I think I ended up doing 3 rows of K1P1 ribbing, then bound off. Using the sewn bind off leaves a nice edge that matches the ribbing.
Sewn bind off
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions - I think it suits the pattern well - it is simple and doesn't' distract from the sweater as a whole. Both sleeves are also attached - one fully and one just the cap. I forgot how much I detest seaming. So far so good in the fit department. Ends are still hanging out, but I think it will be great once it's done!
smocking neckline - tried on
(once again, excuse the loud colored tshirt underneath!)

The DNA sock #2 is at the heel turn. I plan on dedicating a few hours today knitting on it. So much for my ambitious Socktober plans. Two weeks to go and I don't even have one pair of socks yet! The cruise socks don't need to be done until early December, so at least there isn't a tight deadline - but at 18 sts/4" they will go quick once I start.

Ravin was a good boy at the show this weekend - he hasn't been shown in a while, so it took him a bit to get back into it. He looked great!
Ravin at HMM
(he is in the middle)

Fall has definitely come to New England. They had to postpone the start of the show because the frost was so slippery! I had my millions of layers on and felt like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. At least it was sunny - the sky was simply stunning all weekend.
Blue Sky
Not a cloud anywhere. Funny how in the fall, the sky just seems bluer.

Goals for this week (before I leave on Thursday for the 3 day agility trial with Tucker on the Cape):
1. Finish seaming smocking and weave in ends
2. Finish DNA socks (the one I have in my possession)
3. Start Socktober pair #2