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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cross off Goal #1

We all know what this means.

smocking snippets
An episode and a half of season 2 of Veronica Mars later, and seaming was done. It wasn't so bad, I just had to sit down and do it.

I proudly wore it to work today. I thought the copier made such a scenic backdrop.
Smocking on the Move finished
(excuse the blurry self timer shots - no one was here at 6:30 to take my picture!)
The laser printer also wanted it's shot at blogdome fame -
Smocking on the Move finished
It still needs a final blocking, but it fits perfect (I'm wearing a long sleeve tee underneath).

Final thoughts:
Pattern: Smocking on the Move by Teva Durham from Winter 2003 Interweave Knits

Yarn: Softwist Bulky by Berroco (discontinued) I used about 7 skeins total.

Modifications: I made the sleeves in one size smaller than the body. I liked the measurements of the body, but the sleeves would have been too big and long, so I just made them one size smaller. My worries about them fitting into the larger sleeve openings in the body were for nothing. They seamed up just fine.

Now, onto Goal #2!