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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Goal Done!

Another goal completed! I finished DNA sock #1 last night!

Front View of DNA Cable sock #1
My only concern is that they fit me. I think they might end up being a little long. But, that is ok - I put in a lifeline before I started the toe so I can easily frog back if I need to!
Toe Lifeline
What are your opinions on shortening the sock? Should I make the toe decreases quicker or rip back some of the sock itself? I started with 64 sts and decreased 4 sts every other row until I got to 32, then every row until I ended up with 12. I'll be mailing them off to her today to try on and see how they fit. Meanwhile, the second sock is on it's way back to me so I can finish it as well.

I leave today for the Cape - I'm not sure I will meet goal #3 of starting my new sock, but I do have the yarn and pattern ready to go and I fully intend on doing bunches of knitting while at the trial this weekend. I am bringing along the 12" addi's I got to try that method out and see how I like it. I tend to hold my needles close to the tips anyway, so they may be ok.

Only a few weeks left in Socktoberfest! If you haven't already, head over to the Flickr Socktoberfest Group and take a look at all the wonderful socks!!