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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back a little poorer

(you thought from that title I went to Rhinebeck, huh?)

Back from the trial on the Cape with a few ribbons and $500 worth of car problems. Of course, the parts only cost $12. Gotta love electrical issues. The interior lights would not shut off. I discovered this when I started the truck up to go to work yesterday morning. Drove it straight to the garage. Six hours later, they discovered two shorts and a few rubbed wires in the process. The joys of an older vehicle. But, it is fixed now and I'm (not so) happily back at work.

On a positive note, Tucker continued his upward trend and on Saturday got his AKC Open Jumpers title which moves us up another level! He also got to run on the beach and do some swimming. Cute doggie pics to follow soon! I'm so proud of him - he has really improved and is having so much fun! Moving up a level to the Excellent class was interesting. There are many, many more people at this level, so the course walk throughs are pretty crowded.
Walking a Course
Walking the Course is the most important part of your run - you learn where obstacles are, how far apart they are, and the best path to take from one to the next - for both you and your dog! You look for potential problems as well as opportunities to pick up time. I tend to walk a course about 5 times total to really ingrain it in my head. Then you sit back, watch and wait for your run!

They had a HUGE flag at the fairgrounds. With the bright blue sky, I had to snap a picture.
Flag at Barnstable Fairgrounds

In knitting news, I started a few socks this weekend. Only one survived though. The Child's French Sock (link is a great example of a finished pair) from Knitting Vintage Socks. Sarah is knitting the same pair, though she is already a sock ahead!

My first pair was a toe up attempt at the "Small Capitals" sock from Sensational Knitted Socks. Something went awry and I ended up ripping it back. I then tried to get all creative and do the French Sock toe up as I had a perfectly good toe sitting in front of me. That ended up in a pile of frogged yarn as well. So, third try and I am through the ribbing of the French sock - top down.
Childs French Sock - ribbing
Yes, the yarn is that bright! It is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in "Pink" - it is more like Magenta though! I have not used CTH as of yet, and it is taking the frogging and re-knitting like a champ. My stitches look a little wonky, but I know a blocking can do wonders. Knitting with kinky yarn probably didn't help. The yarn has a great tight twist, and is really soft. The colors are also incredibly saturated.

So, with a week and a half left in Socktoberfest, I have fallen quite short of my goal of three pairs. I'll be lucky to finish one at this point! Life tends to get in the way when you least expect it! The weather this weekend didn't help either - it was pouring and really cold on Friday, and very windy on Saturday and Sunday. Not too conducive to knitting outside. Once again though, my hopes are high for dedicated knitting time this week.