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Monday, September 11, 2006

Knitbloggers are the best!

I had a little yarn swap going on with Sarah. She saw the skein of Cherry Tree Hill brights that was causing me fits, and offered it a new home. In exchange, I was to get a skein of Merino/Tencel sock yarn from Dave's Cabin Cove. I got the package on Saturday and it was truly a sight so see!
yarn from sarah
daves cabin cove mer tencel
Not only did she send me the beautiful yarn (it is so soft and has a nice sheen to it - I think I may be using it next for something!) but also some really pretty stitch markers that I can really use - I have a few mittens on the needles and the stitch markers I'm using are too big!
stitch markers from sarah
She was so thoughtful to include the extras, along with a little note. Thanks Sarah!!!!!!

Sad to say that pretty much no knitting was done this weekend. It was a crazy few days of working at the kennel, heading our for a day long training session with Tucker (Ravin tagged along), birthday parties and dinner at a friends. What a whirlwind! I really want to get back on track though. I have about half a sleeve and the front of Smocking to finish, along with a pair of kids mittens for my friend again out of her handspun. I also am having SERIOUS sock withdrawl. After the Cabin Cove yarn arrived this weekend, I really need to start one soon! I was thinking of using it for the Denmark sock from Knitting on the Road. I have always loved the pattern and there are so many beautiful ones out there! Fingers crossed I can cast on today.

A few brave souls out there asked about how I did the smocking. I'm hoping to get some pictures today and put up a mini-tutorial on it. The original directions came from Veronique, and they are easy once you get the hang of it. So, some smocking smackdown tomorrow....