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Friday, August 04, 2006


(or, I choose to remain neutral.)

With the start of August begins a new Project Spectrum! This month is all about neutrals.

(from the top, L to R within pictures)
- Rowan Cork for a cabled sweater of some kind (too many to choose from right now!)

- Koigu for hubby’s future Crusoe socks and

- Cone of Henry’s Attic Kona Superwash for dying and making socks

- Cream color Naturelle 8/8 for either Raspy, Bomber or the Corset Pullover

- Small skein of leftover WoolEase Sportweight from hubby’s Thuja socks

- Some brownish "Softie" wool/angora blend from Kimmet Croft fibers purchased at MD Sheep and Wool a few years back. I have 1200 yds of DK weight. Just not sure what to make with it. It blooms wonderfully and is incredibly soft! (suggestions?)

I had a bigger neutral stash than I thought! Lots of great yarns destined for some patterns I’ve been eyeing for a loooong time. All kinds of fibers, and a nice range of neutral colors, which I really like. I’m a huge brown fan!

I also spied a few neutrals lingering around the house….

- Our new (to us) fridge
- Tucker – a view from the top
- Otis
- Kitchen table and Chair

I so love the black spot on Tucker’s back. I call it his “Snoopy Spot” as it reminds me of the one he has, and it’s in the same place!

The kitchen chairs (we have 4 total - 2 in a dark green and 2 in this off white/cream color) actually used to be chairs in my grandfathers waiting room when he had his dentist office. I never met him, but took the chairs with great joy when we were cleaning out my grandmothers house a bunch of years back. They are great, sturdy retro looking chairs that have held up incredibly well over the years! (The table is your basic Ikea model - maple top, stainless legs)

The Gent’s Fancy socks are coming along nicely - I’m onto the second pattern repeat. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do the shaping the pattern calls for, or just knit them straight down. I’ll have to look and see how high they are supposed to come up. They are a fairly simple knit, but I like the way the Trekking is looking in this pattern. Even better stretched out a bit on my leg.

The heat finally broke last night really late. This morning it was about 70 degrees and a lot less humid. The dogs and I had a great walk and I wasn’t drenched in sweat by the time we finished. The weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I plan on starting up the agility training again. We have a big group training session planned at a big field not to far away. Our first fall trial is Labor Day weekend, so time to get working!

Also, check out Yarnival. A great idea to add some new reads to your bloglines list!